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ELCINA and Vittal Innovation City to set up Cluster Electronic

In order to accelerate investments in high value added electronics manufacturing in the country, ELCINA is setting up the first Model Cluster consisting largely of SME’s to manufacture electronic components and products for the Consumer Electronics, Power Electronics and Lighting industry. ELCINA and Vittal Innovation City have agreed to partner for developing this Cluster for electronics component and equipment manufacturing ...

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TCS comes up with iON cloud solution for SMEs

Targeting on Small and Medium enterprises a very well known India’s largest software company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced its ambitious iON cloud solution for the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the National Capital Region (NCR). It will also focus on firms in the revenue bracket of Rs. 10 crore (Rs. 100 million) to Rs. 500crore (Rs. 5 ...

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ICT can help SMEs to reach out to large markets

Easy and affordable access of Information and Communication technology (ICT) to SMEs would help them in exploring new markets globally. “ICT is an enabling tool for any small and medium enterprises (SMEs) SMEs are often determined as the main driver for country economic growth. But it has been seen that ICT plays an important role in developing growth of SMEs. ...

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WAC launches Bime 3 to help SMEs

Smaller businesses often can’t afford a traditional enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) tool, nor do they have the in-house IT staff to administer it and query it. Montpellier-based cloud provider, We Are Cloud has announced the launch of Bime Version 3.0 with Query Blender recently for such smaller businesses. Updates to the solution include the addition of Query Blender, a feature ...

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Social Networking, a boon for SMEs

One of the challenges of mastering social networking is determining where to invest your resources–time, energy and possibly capital, too. As you gain personal experience using Facebook, LinkedIn or dozens of other networks, you can begin to identify–and ultimately prioritize–the universe of possible initiatives to enhance your career, brand, staff and revenue. Social networking sites these days are much in ...

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How to choose a Right System Development Methodology for your Organization

Choosing a Right System Development Methodology for your Organization Choosing a Right System Development Methodology for your Organization Read this PDF

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