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U.S.-Japan Trade Deal Takes Effect Amidst Doubts

A trade deal between the U.S. and Japan that cuts tariffs on some agricultural products and industrial goods took effect, with little indication the two sides would meet a pledge to soon start a new round of talks broadening the pact. Under the deal, Japan reduced tariffs on beef, pork and additional U.S. agricultural products to the same levels it grants ...

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U.S. China Trade War Phase One Deal On Progress

America and China are bracing ahead to resolve an impending month trade war, as Beijing blames Washington for damaging relations between the two countries. According to reports, the two countries are said to have reached a deal. However China’s minister of foreign affairs expressed his dissatisfaction over America criticizing Beijing over its policies in Hong Kong that has damaged mutual ...

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Canada Working Towards Strengthening Trade Relations

The Canadian government has been working towards strengthening trade relations and safeguard against America’s influence over their domestic markets via economic nationalism. Initially, Canada was worried about foreign investments in particular industries, like the railroads, and required that the majority of directors of any company that received government money could not come from outside the country. Another approach was to ...

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Wisconsin Reports Maximum Farm Bankruptcies

A recent American Farm Bureau Federation report stated that highest number of farm bankruptcies have been reported from Wisconsin with 48 Chapter 12 filings over the 12-month period ending in September, followed by Georgia, Nebraska and Kansas, each of which had 37 filings. Minnesota, California, Texas, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New York round out the top 10 states for farm bankruptcies. ...

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Nigerian Border Closure To Affect African Trade

The Intra-African trade faces a grim future owing to closure of Nigerian border. International relations expert Dr. Vladimir Antwi-Danso has expressed his dissatisfaction about these activities and wishes to initiate dialogues with the Nigerian authorities to improve the situation. “Every country is trying to be protectionist, America is doing it, China is doing it, but the only thing we can ...

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