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The Continental Free Trade Area Is Changing Africa

The African continental free trade area is an engine for regional integration and the promotion of employment in North Africa. Over the past decade, North Africa has made significant progress in economic development. In terms of Sustainable Development Goals, three North African countries are among the top five in Africa. But, they are still over 30% away from achieving the ...

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African Governments Should Focus On Macroeconomic Policies

Africa’s labour markets are the most dynamic in the world. Yet, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), African countries had some of the lowest unemployment rates in 2018. They include Niger (0.3%), Rwanda (1%), Burundi (1.5%), Madagascar (1.7%), Togo (1.7%), Ethiopia (1.8%), Tanzania (1.9%), Liberia (2%), Benin (2.1%) and Chad (2.2%). African economies also have some of the world’s highest ...

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Companies from India and Germany Cooperate In The Initiative “Digital India” In The Sectors “Industry 4.0” And “The Internet of Things” – Mario Ohoven

SMEs are the real growth engine behind the impressive performance of German economy. Economic activities in Germany are dispersed and not concentrated owing to the SME sector. In an interview with Relin Hedly, New Media Communication, Mario Ohoven, President of the BVMW (Federal Association of Small and Medium Enterprises) highlights the strengths of the SME sector below…  1.What is the ...

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