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European Economy Hopeful Of Recovery In 2020

European policy makers hope that stronger growth will materialize as global headwinds recede. But a look at what awaits the four largest European economies next year shows that governments everywhere are hanging at the mercy of a continuous slowdown, as the persistent recession of the manufacturing sector begins to spill over into the rest of the economy. Many countries also suffer from self-inflicted harm ...

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EU Turns To Internal Growth As A Result Of Trade War Impact

European policy makers and companies should focus on internal growth apart from FTA. Protection of interests is essential in the wake of the ongoing trade wars. In order to reduce dependency, Europe should concentrate on internal markets. The European domestic market was neglected since a very long time and this approach needs to change. U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from ...

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Bhutan To Introduce SDF For Regional Tourists

Travel trade operators in eastern India are apprehending strong impact on their business following change in the tourism entry fee policy of Himalayan country Bhutan. Currently, Bhutan charges every foreign visitor $250 per day including $65 ‘Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)’ and $40 visa charge. But ‘Regional Tourists’ from India, Bangladesh and Maldives need not pay SDF or visa fee. Bhutan ...

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