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Moratorium On SME Loans May Extend To Interest Payments

The government is considering extending the 12-month capital moratorium on non-performing loans (NPLs) of small and medium-scale (SME) businesses to interest payments, acknowledging the difficulties in meeting interest payments by some default SME debtors. The government and the CB were earlier planning to restructure these loans, including the unpaid interest, and to charge interest for the 12-month moratorium period. SMEs, which have ...

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JVs Between Cambodia And Japan To Get A Boost

A representative of the Cambodia-Japan Association for Business and Investment (CJBI), vowed to boost the number of joint-ventures between Cambodian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their Japanese counterparts. CJBI is the only association in Cambodia which consist of Japanese and Cambodian members and it aims to encourage business-matching between Cambodian and Japanese SMEs. The CJBI is an essential platform to ...

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Technology Solves Complex Logistics Issues

Small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs) have always been the backbone of the Indian economy. Role of SMEs in the economic development of India like SMEs act as a cure for numerous economic woes such as poverty, regional imbalances, unemployment, and income inequalities. SMEs are also considered to be the growth engines of developing countries like India. With the emergence ...

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India SME Insurance Summit

Date: December 18, 2019 Venue: Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai Information: The 3rd edition of INDIA SME INSURANCE SUMMIT will focus on the importance and benefits of various insurance products and services for SMEs and other industries related to general, liability, property and engineering, marine, credit, cyber, life, home, corporate, health and travel. The conference will also deliberate on various issues ...

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SME Business Growth Summit

Date: December 5, 2019 Venue: Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai Information: SME Business Growth Summit will focus on banking finance, investment, private equity, venture capital, advance, affordable and patented technology, export promotion, import facilitation, integration of manufacturing and service sector for enhancement of business contacts and growth. This will also highlight on strengthening manufacturing Industries and SMEs for sustainable growth, enhancement ...

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Small Enterprise SME Banking, Insurance & Logistics Summit 2020

Date: January 23, 2020 Venue: Holiday Inn, Mumbai Information: Aspire Media will be organizing Small Enterprise SME Banking, Insurance & Logistics 2020 to provide a platform for SMEs to understand the fundamental importance of cost effective risk management and the role banking and insurance can play to help manage the unpredictable risks faced. Small Enterprise SME Banking, Insurance & Logistics ...

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