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U.S. China Trade War Phase One Deal On Progress

America and China are bracing ahead to resolve an impending month trade war, as Beijing blames Washington for damaging relations between the two countries. According to reports, the two countries are said to have reached a deal. However China’s minister of foreign affairs expressed his dissatisfaction over America criticizing Beijing over its policies in Hong Kong that has damaged mutual trust.

Earlier statements revealed US negotiators offered to cut existing tariffs on Chinese goods by 50% and suspend new tariffs that were scheduled to come into effect soon. U.S. and Chinese officials have been negotiating without success for months. The US-China trade war has slowed global growth and dampened profits and investment for companies around the world.

The US recently signed into law a bill that would sanction Chinese and Hong Kong officials deemed responsible for the suppression of freedoms in Hong Kong where anti-government protests have raged for the last seven months. China has accused the US of instigating the protests.