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Australia’s Rubicon Water Improves Water Efficiency For India’s Farmers

Melbourne-based Rubicon Water focuses on improving large-scale, gravity-fed irrigation systems. The company offers advanced technology designed to sustainably increase global food and fibre production by improving water use efficiency. Rubicon’s solutions autonomously control the delivery of irrigation water to farms in irrigation channels, which reduces losses and improves the reliability, flexibility and timeliness of supply. The company also has a range of technologies that improve water use efficiency on-farm. This solution will help farmers optimize their water resources for maximum production. By reducing losses, the solution will increase water availability and enable an additional 142,580 hectares of un-serviced land to be brought into service, along with 37,000 hectares of currently saline land. Like Australia, India is investing to improve the efficiency of its irrigation water use. Rubicon has been central to the modernisation of irrigation areas in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin over the last 10 years and its autonomous control solution is the core technology used in the modernisation of the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID).

source: austrade