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Belgium SMEs In Good Shape

Belgian businesses with up to 50 employees are in good shape as their economic and financial situation improved tremendously in 2018, reaching a 10-year high, a new report shows. The annual report on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), produced by Graydon in collaboration with UNIZO and UCM business organisations reveals an optimistic trend. The level of indebtedness has gone down, while ...

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Gati Launches Itself Into The Next Phase Of Growth With All Cargo Logistics & Kintetsu World Express, Japan

GATI Ltd. India’s leader in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions, has offloaded a significant equity stake to Allcargo Logistics Ltd. India’s largest integrated logistics solutions provider. Founded by Mr. Mahendra Agarwal in 1989, Gati pioneered express distribution in India. He is credited as the visionary who heralded the start of the express logistics industry in the country, and built ...

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Indian Healthcare Sector To Grow Multifold By 2020

India is experiencing 22-25 per cent growth in medical tourism and the industry is expected to reach US$ 9 billion by 2020. There is a significant scope for enhancing healthcare services considering that healthcare spending as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is rising. The government’s expenditure on the health sector has grown to 1.4 per cent in FY18E ...

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Logistics – lifeline of pharmaceutical Industry

Today, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors have emerged as the new hot favorite with the service industry and logistics companies are rushing in to offer tailor-made solutions. Logistics plays a vital role in the global economic cycle as it bridges the gap between the manufacturer and the retailer. It is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, ...

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