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Easy Credit and Tech Up-gradation to Promote Coir Sector: Pranab Mukherjee

pranab mukherjee

In a recent gathering for the inauguration of Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the Coir Board, President Mukherjee, emphasized on the need to ensure easier access to credit and modern technology, to boost the coir industry.  He said to address the crowd: “I would be keen to see the industry become self-reliant in terms of raw material procurement; and I would insist employers to ensure that the workers engaged in this industry are provided enhanced support, through the insurance and welfare schemes of the government.”

As a matter of fact, the coir industry employs about seven lakh workers; of whom are mostly woman from 14 States and Union Territories and is one of the foremost foreign exchange earning industries. The Minister of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, K.H. Muniyappa, congratulated the Coir Board for popularizing the eco-friendly natural fiber, adding that the industry had been playing a pivotal role in the development of the rural economy in coconut producing States.
Listing out the latest technologies and machinery, Muniappa added: “The latest addition was a versatile spinning machine which could produce large quantities of coir yarn without core thread to make products, such as coir jackets, chappals, umbrellas, curtains etc.” Another important aspect that the industry calls for a brand ambassador for coir to globally spread the Board’s activities was diligently identified by the Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor. He emphasized on the need to raise the level of income in the coir industry, stem the below-par achievements of mechanization and kindle interest among youngsters to join the traditional sector.

Professor Balachandran, Chairman, Coir Board, said the Board was working on combining coir with other natural fibers such as silk, jute and sisal to bringing out more innovative products. “That day is not far when coir will find a place in the manufacturing of molded furniture, TV cabinets and car dash-boards,” he added.