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EIA Goes Online With Vital Information On Rosewood Trade

Ghananian traders and citizens will now have information about the value and quantity of illegal Rosewood imported to China with the help of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). According to a September report, approximately 9,330 tons of Rosewood was imported to China, which is a breach of regulation that clearly prohibits export, transport and harvest of species. Another investigation points to corruption in the forest sector, and in spite of a ban put in place, illegal Rosewood trade continues in Ghana.

The investigation agency will update vital information pertaining to the value and volume of Rosewood imported from Ghana on its website regularly. Kidan Araya, Africa Program Campaigner at EIA, said, “The data we are making publicly available is of utmost importance for the forests in Ghana and the communities that depend on them. It indicates that the illegal plunder of natural resources continues unabated in the country, despite public commitments made at the highest level of government.”