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For Delance, Time is Life

When I was four years old I dreamed of becoming a cowbee, which for me was the feminine of cowboy. What an exciting life lay ahead! Then, after having read the lives of the Saints, I wanted to become a Saint. Faced with such an insurmountable task, however, I ended up becoming a tomboy ready to defend any noble cause! When a teacher nicknamed me “Don Quichotte” I pertly responded, no, Madam, I am Doña Quichotte. Later on, I discovered my artist’s name : Giselle Delance. I carefully stored it away for the future – if I were an artist, I could live all the lives I wanted! Before I turned 15, I had to work in my mother’s firm. There, as my mother’s second in command, I apprenticed in all the facets of the business. By the age of 22, when I married and left the business, I had learned an enormous amount of useful things, including how to work 12 hours a day with a smile on my face. As soon as I was married I went back to school until I was 26 and obtained the equivalent of a Swiss scientific baccalaureate.

In 1969 and 1971 my two children were born. After this, I took art courses to become an artist. I worked until I was 39 as an assistant in art at the university and an art teacher in secondary schools. From 36 to 40 I went to engineering school and obtained my degree as the only woman graduate of the class. At 40 I was hired by the Swatch group to launch the Flik Flak series and discovered as I traveled throughout the world that the watches designed for women were not to my taste. In my passion to discover the meaning of time I realized that Time is Life. This created in me the desire to create a timepiece symbolic of both the passage of time and eternity, whence came the design of the Delance watch line.
I felt I had to personally create the watch that corresponded to a woman’s time, her talents, values and dreams since the large companies in the industry I contacted were not interested.

Delance watches are meant for the woman who requires a timepiece that is truly unique, a woman who is looking for a special design with a symbolic meaning. The man in her life, who loves her for all that she is, is also drawn to the idea of offering her a watch that will symbolize their love and the deep bond that unites them.

The act of creation brings me great joy. Each time I offer to personalize the Delance watch for its new owner and I see her eyes light up, my happiness is complete. This moment represents the meeting of two souls in a joint endeavor of collaboration, a form of communion. When I have the pleasure of speaking at conferences I often talk of the creative act and my passion for what I do – in fact, I talk about my life.

My enterprise allowed me to discover who I am, and although I suspected that I was capable of doing all I do, I could never be sure until I had accomplished it. I travel world wide all alone, from exhibition to conference. On occasion I have spoken in front of a thousand people, in a foreign language; the television, radio and press come to ask me for comments in French, German and English. Once the shadow of a corporate president, the assistant I used to be has come a long way from those days…

I have just been named “Woman Entrepreneur for 2008”. An incredible recognition, it affords me great pleasure. I have been given champagne and been invited to speak on the radio and television – it is as if I suddenly became a genius! But I keep my feet on the ground and use all this acclaim as a marketing tool, for after all, that is the purpose of this award, to bring the entrepreneur visibility so she can benefit from it to advance her company.

The lessons gleaned from this life? I would like to tell each of you to be all you are, to develop your talents, to learn all you can, to live as fully as possible, to love each other more and above all to laugh, laugh and enjoy life…

Life passes so quickly, we mustn’t waste a second… honestly, on my word as a watchmaker!

The Mystique & Magic of Woman & Time

Creator of the personalized watch for women, DELANCE SA, a watch company founded in Macolin in 1996, produces and sells symbolic luxury watches.

The DELANCE watch, recognizable by its rhombus shape, in two sizes, two materials, 20 dials, 20 cabochons and numerous interchangeable bracelets and personalized stone settings.

Each DELANCE is a unique timepiece, mirror of the woman wearing it. Her dreams, her memories are symbolized by the selection of the colors, the engravings, the stones set at the shining moments of her life.

From early morning to late evening, the DELANCE watch accompanies the woman like a silent mentor. Sporty or glamorous, it reflects the mood of the owner. Water and shock resistant, the DELANCE watch is worn any time.

A company for luxury goods – a luxury company
1996, Giselle Rufer founded DELANCE Swiss Watches, a luxury watch company. Located at Macolin above Bienne, it presently has 3 employees and a network of collaborators in the Jura Mountains. Made from the best materials, 100% Swiss made, the DELANCE is a symbol of female excellence.

A responsible and committed company
Because the company sets itself the same corporate guidelines as the watches it employs only women and supports their professional education.

There are good reasons for the DELANCE to be 100% Swiss made: quality assurance, maintenance of our know-how, the economy of the gray energy.

Very committed to ecological issues, DELANCE minimizes the use of paper of small, standardized size in every respect, recycling and modest use of all resources.

DELANCE participates in several projects encouraging and honoring the talents of women.