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Kaipaus: Memory of Scent

Tulla Anatolia’s from Finland took the plunge and started her own business inspired by her little daughter Hanna. It all started with the girl’s delighted cry: “Mommy, this toy bunny smells just like you, I love it!” The idea was developed further by years of research and experimentation resulting in the Kaipaus nanofrago scentable core. The nanofrago scent core is a ceramic element controlled by a nano -tech production process. Any desired scent can be added, or later removed, from the item. A few drops of perfume are emitted evenly for up to 4 weeks. It´s like a time capsule. Her desire to expand her business led her to export opportunities abroad.Thereby doubling her small business. She was supported by her local enterprise European network branch like other women entrepreneurs in Europe. The enterprise Europe network offers practical services for small businesses.

About Kaipaus

Kaipaus Finland is a scent technology company best known for its nanotechnology-based, scented jewellery collection. The jewellery, which is designed by renowned Finnish designers with Finnish materials, is the first product application that utilizes the Nanofrago scent pods developed by the CEO of the company, Tuula Antola.

The company creates lifestyle products with a strong ethical, social, sustainable and environmental dimension. The company is involved in several charity campaigns, and its products are made out of a ceramic mass and precious metals in Finland.

Kaipaus scented jewellery had its premiere in Paris at the main event of the Paris Fashion Week 2008, and in 2009 the company was recognized by the internationally acclaimed design competition “Fennia Prize – Good design grows global”.

The jewel can be activated by adding your favorite fragrance to it. Kaipaus is a jewel by which you may give your own scent to the one you love or by which you can carry the scent of your loved one with you.

Kaipaus has now touched heights of success and the name of Tuula Antola figures in the few of Europeans entrepreneurs’ women list. But Antola credits her success to enterprise Europe network. “With the help of the network we have been able to open doors that would not open just by us, says Antola. The Enterprise Europe Network act as an SME business accelerator that has helped Kaipaus happen.”

Europe needs more women entrepreneurs

Antola’s story shows the role the Enterprise Europe Network can play in providing practical support to women entrepreneurs.This fits with the objectives of the European Commission’s landmark Small Business Act (SBA), which aims to ensure that European SMEs have access to finance and markets and can thrive in an environment conducive to growth.