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Lenovo tapping into SME market

Sample imagePresently, the first type of e-business computer for SMEs jointly developed by Lenovo, Alibaba and Intel was launched officially. Only three months before that, Lenovo announced to join in the SME e-business plan “Aiding China”, which is driven by Alibaba and Intel. The launched of the computer was undoubtedly a market move to carry out the said plan.

The new SME e-business computer series includes desktop PC and notebook,  hich are respectively Lenovo Yangtian and Lenovo ThinkPad SL series.


Lenovo stated that consumers could purchase the latest e-business computers at Lenovo outlets or at Lenovo’s official website upon that day, and needed to pay any extra fees for the additional software system. Consumers could possess a well-functioned Lenovo e-business computer at as low as RMB3299 yuan, easily realizing the infrastructure construction of e-business.

“The newly launched e-business computers maintain the original business applications of Lenovo Yangtian series, and solved with effort those frequent problems like high cost and complicated operation in e-business of SMEs.”

Xia Li, Vice-President of Lenovo Group, stated that Lenovo hoped to help China’s SMEs to advance forward steadily with its products in a period of network economy. The newly launched Lenovo Yangtian e-business computer provides multiple conveniences aiming at the entire demands of SME users. As To e-business applications, the new product can assist customers in such fields as enterprise website construction, product display, business negotiation, PV monitoring, marketing strategy, etc, thus simplify e-business use flow and decrease customers’ use cost simultaneously. Since it adopts the high-efficient and energy-saving Intel 45nm processor technology, the product not only is more environment-friendly, but also can help customers to enhance production efficiency and save cost, thus obtain a perfect use experience. In the meantime, it also cares for other demands of SMEs in e-business flow, and customers can get discounts in business trip, business dinner and related consumptions. Last, e-business computer maintains those applications people are accustomed to of Lenovo Yangtian computers, including one key recovery and safe key, which can effectively decrease the maintenance cost of computers.

In fact, as early as in 2005, Lenovo had decided a SME market strategy, while “internet traders” engaged in internet business are a customer group which can’t be ignored, and an important part of Lenovo’s SME clients. Lenovo hopes to expand its market share with traditional commercial channel and internet product channel, so it aimed at the SME e-business field. Hu Xiaopeng, Vice General Manager of Computer Industry Research Center of CCID Consulting, stated, “An obvious feature in the 2008 commercial PC market is the relatively thriving SME market demands, which increases near 15 percent. With the emerging of e-business application development, demands from SME market will be further released. It’s predicted that in the future the commercial PC will focus at the SME market. ”

For Lenovo, the launch of e-business computer is an active trial, which blazed a trail for Lenovo to cultivate SME market, and explored a new production line for Lenovo. For Alibaba, the launch of e-business computer became the content and carrier of Alibaba’s new services, including some e-business softwares and value-added services, like “winport”, which is tailor-made for SMEs and built in the new e-business computers by Alibaba. It can not only provide overall corporate-level e-business application services for SMEs, but also helped Alibaba to penetrate deeper into SMEs. For Intel, where there is computer, there is the market of Intel. It relies on the “advanced technology” they are proud of. Hao Deqi, Marketing Supervisor of Intel (China) Corporation, said, “When SMEs are confronted with various disadvantages, and advanced technology can help them ‘broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure’ simultaneously. To stride toward success, SMEs will definitely choose more functional, simple and durable e-business IT infrastructure. ”
*source-China Economic Net – Beijing,China