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SME – Great Opportunity

India has got tremendous scope for investors and entrepreneurs as far as business opportunities are concerned. Especially, India has always been in the limelight in terms of SME business. By SME business, we mean small and medium enterprises that maintain revenues or a number of employees below a certain standard. Every country has its own definition of what is considered as a small and medium-sized enterprise. In India, an industrial undertaking that has investments in fixed assets which do not exceed more than Rs.10 million falls under the category of small business. A small-sized enterprise is a company with less than 50 employees while a medium-sized enterprise is one with fewer than 250 employees.

The SME business opportunity in India can be seen in possibly every sector – financial services, telecom, education, automobiles, media, food, real estate and so on. This makes India a hub for best small business opportunity in various segments. Thus, one who wishes to explore the business opportunity in India must have a look at the SME and retail business ideas to get an idea about the business scenario in India.


SME And Indian Economy

Small and medium sized enterprises play a central role in the Indian economy. They are a major source of entrepreneurial skills, innovation and employment. SME businesses are the biggest contributor to the economy of any country and the same goes with Indian economy. In fact, SME is one of the most crucial sectors of Indian economy as far as the number of employments generated from this segment is concerned. As more than 65% of Indian population lives in rural and semi rural areas, small business becomes a major source of income for many residing in these areas. After agriculture, small business in India is the second largest employer of human resources.


New Opportunities In SME Business

The SME business market of India is large and bubbling with newer opportunities. Increased purchasing power and consumerism is what drives the business scenario in India. Thus, there is an opportunity for competitive advantage that can benefit investors and entrepreneurs to a large extent. An investment in any best small business opportunity promises lucrative returns and success in less time.


Reasons Behind Growth In SME Business

There are various reasons due to which the small scale business in India has witnessed a spurt of growth. Some of these factors are:

  • High contribution to domestic production
  • Low investment requirements
  • Significant export earnings
  • Capacities to develop appropriate indigenous technology
  • Operational flexibility
  • Contribution towards defence production
  • Technology – oriented industries
  • Import substitution
  • Location wise mobility
  • Low intensive imports
  • Competitiveness in the domestic market
  • Competitiveness in the export markets


The India small business opportunity is getting quite exciting and innovative with the passing of every year. There are a lot of retail business ideas for entrepreneurs who are interested to set up a SME business in India. However, investors planning to invest in this sector must ensure that they make a wide choice and use the resources available in the right way to reap the benefits.