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Technology Solves Complex Logistics Issues

Small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs) have always been the backbone of the Indian economy. Role of SMEs in the economic development of India like SMEs act as a cure for numerous economic woes such as poverty, regional imbalances, unemployment, and income inequalities.

SMEs are also considered to be the growth engines of developing countries like India. With the emergence of e-commerce, traditional logistics was all about moving goods from manufacturing hubs to consumption centres. Therefore, adoption of technology became a top priority for business success. Internet-driven technologies have enabled the logistics industry to change to be more inclusive and provide grassroots level delivery services with ease. Online retail has also elevated the significance of logistics operations and reshaped businesses in numerous ways. On-request buyer logistics space in India is expanding, with companies devising imaginative technologies and ways to deal with change logistics. As a result, SMEs are benefiting from the amalgamation of technology in the logistics sector.

New age logistics issues are being solved through new technologies like augmented reality, advanced robotics and drones. These are some cost-reducing and effective solutions that ensure the competitiveness of both the logistics player and its client (SME) and increase the satisfaction quotient of final customers. Cloud-based arrangements enable to do away with elaborate pen and paper formalities and processes identified with the traditional world of logistics, which were procedures earlier followed by smaller entrepreneurs.

source: Financial Express