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WAC launches Bime 3 to help SMEs

Smaller businesses often can’t afford a traditional enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) tool, nor do they have the in-house IT staff to administer it and query it. Montpellier-based cloud provider, We Are Cloud has announced the launch of Bime Version 3.0 with Query Blender recently for such smaller businesses. Updates to the solution include the addition of Query Blender, a feature designed to help SMEs mine big data more effectively. The update, available with immediate effect, should appeal to businesses seeking clarity from the vast amount of data they receive.

About WAC

We Are Cloud (WAC), is a French Business Intelligence company producing the SaaS BI Application Bime. It was founded by Rachel Delacour and Nicolas Raspal in 2009 in Montpellier, a city recognized as a leading R&D Cluster of France. The company has received several rounds of angel funding from business angels in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Just this year, We Are Cloud was honored as the “ICT European start-up of the year.” Critics and BI professionals selected Bime as the Best Cloud Computing Application of 2011 at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards in London. With Bime, they built the BI solution of their dreams. It lets everyone mine their own business and shine new light on their data with an affordable, cloud-based service that runs on any browser

About Bime v 03

Bime V3.0 delivers simple-to-use yet powerful BI, analytics, data visualization and dash boarding in a software-as-a-service application for the age of big data. It allows even small and medium-size enterprises to turn business Questions into valuable insights fast. Bime V3.0 with Query Blender can connect to and make sense of, almost any type of data, no matter whether they reside on-premise or on servers half a world away. Its stunning visualizations and interactive dashboards and widgets make collaborative decision-making for a mobile workforce and global organizations a snap.

Features and improvements Bime V3.0 provide to users

With Query Blender, Bime unlocks the power of federated databases, so users can query dozens of sources and make sense of them right in their browser, regardless of query language, file and meta data formats. Query Blender lets users mix and match virtually any information, from legacy spreadsheets and large relational databases to live data streaming in from Google Analytics, Google Apps, salesforce.com or Amazon Web Services.

Bime is designed to be accessible to anyone, from a web analyst to a product manager, rather than being restricted to IT staff. BI tools can answer all kinds of questions for small businesses like: Which sales are related to ad campaigns, social media activity and web traffic on my site?” to “When are my call centers most busy and how does that relate to my staffing schedule and budget plans?” Often the relevant data is stored in different formats and multiple locations.

Daily sales numbers may be stored in a relational database, expenses in an accounting system or spreadsheet while traffic site data is retrieved from Google Analytics. Bime 3.0 allows a user to create a query across all of these data sources in a web browser, regardless of the query language, file or metadata format. The user creates a business query by dragging and dropping the relevant data into a frame. Once the user is happy with the basic information he or she can turn the results into graphs and charts. Bime competes with products from Good Data, Cloud9, Birst, Qliktech and Tableau software. Bime 3.0 is, however, completely cloud-based and the company claims that it can connect to an unmatched set of data sources either locally or on a web server anywhere in the world. The business model is software as a service (SaaS).